December 27, 2017
Any business owner or executive who wants to improve their company’s finances or get everything under complete control can find relief by hiring Scott Herckis or his firm, SJH Financial, to help them. Perhaps a business wants to consider better budgeting and forecasting solutions; that is another area in which Scott can possibly be just the partner you are looking for. He certainly can help any business make the best possible decisions to drive their future growth, primarily because he has all of the experience and knowledge necessary to know what works.

Scott Herckis understands the difficulties and challenges businesses face, which means he can help you make the best of financial opportunities.Scotthas a strong business background, including a BBA from the University of Texas. He also obtained his CPA when he worked with Arthur Andersen in their Audit and Assurance Department for a half decade. There, he worked with corporate clients as large as Cadbury Schweppes and Sheraton Hotels. He then worked with fashion companies as a controller, then a Vice President of Finance, and finally a CFO.
June 25, 2017
Perhaps your business is looking for the best way to get its finances under control, or maybe you want to know the best available forecasting, planning and budgeting solutions to keep the business moving forward into a safe and secure future. Contacting Scott Herckis and SJH Financial might be your best bet for solving any problem your business has. It is just a fact that Scott has the skills and the knowledge to help you make the best possible decisions to secure a positive financial future for your business.

Scott Herckis has designed SJH Financial to help any business discover the best ways to succeed and move forward financially, while simultaneously keeping an eye on the potential risks they face. SJH Financial operates from a basic premise that Scott Herckis holds dearly; that financial advice isn’t worth the paper it’s written on if the person receiving it fails to understand how to use it properly. Scott delivers his financial expertise with a lot of sage wisdom. He doesn't just tell clients how to make money and what to do with it. He fully explains why the advice will work and how it will fit into your company’s business strategy. Scott Herckis understands that it’s your business, not his, so advice should be relevant to you.